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solving bussines problems through visual communication

KULLE is a hybrid of a creative strategy and a design studio. Multidisciplinary designs and creations are the strength and foundation of our work. We put great value upon the creation of sustainable and targeted design concepts that connect with customers on an emotional level and grow your business.

With a high academic and artistic specialization we analyze, develop strategy and create visual media content.

We love new challenges to prove our professionality and to find creative solutions for your project.

Why we make the difference

  • interdisciplinary

    multidisciplinary and cross-media communication design with 17+ years of experience

  • professional

    professional implementation of individual solutions with a high degree of academic and artistic specialization

  • efficiently

    simplified communication - single point of contact to coordinate all tasks & projects

  • creating value

    valuable services for your investment, which is worth it's price. We charge for value not time.

  • flexible

    ROWE - Results-Only Work Environment. Just your project matters. Working independent of time and place, highly flexible in a large expert network.

  • Secure

    transparent offers without hidden follow-up costs. Generally fixed and not time based - with all licenses you need.

good design is consistent in every detail

Dieter Rams
ten commandments for good design, 1970

Thinkers and makers

working together to produce work that matters

creative / art director
Christoph A. Kulle

visual communication designer
designer - alliance of german designer (AGD)

Good Design is Team­work

Dipl.-Des. Magdalena Gadaj - design // Dipl.-Des. Markus Hollinger - design // Dipl.-Des. Sebastian Gabriel - design // Dipl.-Des. Johannes Thielen - design // Dipl.-Des. Katrin Pfister - design // Dipl.-Des. Barbara Steinitz - illustration // Dipl.-Des. Charlotte Fischer - photography // Gise Kayser-Gantner - text // Ulrike Wendt - text // Dipl. Musiker Thomas Hauser - sounddesign

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